About the Association

In 1987, under the guidance of the Disabled Welfare Services Center of the Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government, a group of para table tennis lovers founded the Xiangyang Table Tennis Club. From recreation, rehabilitation, to competition, the exercise potential of para-athletes has been released, and numerous friends with disabilities have been attracted to participate in the Club. The Xiangyang Cup para table tennis competition even caused a nation-wide sensation, which has prompted the development of Taiwan’s para table tennis. Beginning in 1992, Taiwan’s para table tennis formally took to the international stage, winning one award after another – even winning a bronze medal in the Paralympic Games. Para table tennis has become a key player in Taiwan’s adaptive sports, and Xiangyang has been the cradle of Taiwan’s para table tennis national team players. In response to this rise of para table tennis and to cultivate national team players, the Taipei Table Tennis Association of the Disabled was established in 1996, and the founding president of the Xiangyang Table Tennis Club, Liu Ming-tang, served as the chairman of the preparatory committee. Combining society’s resources and people’s own capabilities, Taiwan’s first single parasport association, the Taipei Table Tennis Association of the Disabled, was finally established in 1997.

In recent years, under the excellent leadership of former Chairmen Sun Ching-guo, Wang Hao , Chou Su-hui , Lin Chi-guo , Huang Hsiu-jung , Lin Cheng-yi , and Chen Yu-chi as well as current Chairman Luo Hsien-li, the training environment has been actively improved, and the athletes have been full of energy – winning countless medals and making the country proud in the Asian Para Games, Paralympic Games, World Cup, and Asia Cup. Besides hosting the National Lion Cup table tennis games, the Association has also invited table tennis teams from Beijing and Shanghai to hold Taiwan’s first Cross-Strait Para Table Tennis Competition, thereby opening exchanges for cross-strait parasport. Moreover, 14 countries have also been invited to participate in the Jin Che Cup Five-Continents Para Table Tennis Open. Not only were the results of Taiwan’s promotion of parasport introduced to an international audience and was a progressive and prosperous image of Taiwan presented to the world, Taiwan’s competence in organizing large-scale international competitions was also demonstrated – this Open has even been awarded with the highest five-star rating by International Table Tennis Federation Para Table Tennis.

The Association will without a doubt continue to devote itself to thoroughly executing its mission and responsibilities, dedicating itself to the long-term development of Taiwan’s para table tennis. We further hope that through the founding of the Association, the establishment of fundamental organizations around the country will also be promoted, that Taiwan’s parasport development will be strengthened, and that more people in society will become passionate about our mission. We hope that everyone will subscribe to the philosophy of “sharing your wealth when you are rich and assisting others when you are able”, as we combine the power of government and people. Together, we will fight for the ideal of “sport for all”.

Association Mission

The Association is vowed to promote the sport of para table tennis and release the potential of parasport, to advance para table tennis techniques and related expertise – further achieving the rehabilitation of the bodies and minds of people with disabilities and helping them to attain self-approval. At the same time, the Association also conducts exchanges with relevant Taiwanese and international organizations, participates in international competitions, and works towards its mission of making Taiwan proud.